Providing the best trencher bearings in Australia with the highest quality to withstand the harshest of Australia’s conditions.

We supply a wide range of Trencher bearings

Trencher’s are heavy-duty machinery that requires the toughest precision machined bearings. By utilising the best trencher bearings in Australia, you can feel comfortable when dealing with the extreme forces of trenching.

Dirt is the enemy of all bearings. A precision machined washer protects the bearings from rocks and dirt. This initial barricade is reinforced by the rubber seal on the bearings, finishing the job is the easily accessible grease fitting which keeps the bearings lubricated and protected from moisture and keeps your trencher running freely.

We ensure the brands we supply for trencher bearings are tried and tested, our own team use them daily. The trencher bearings are built to withstand the harshest of Australian climates to get the job done.

One of the single most important components in the entire trencher digging system are the bearings and the maintenance you keep, so it’s important you have reliable bearings that can help you with your trenching.


Some of the brands we supply for trencher bearings include:


What type of bearings do we supply?

  • Trencher Tail Roller Bearings
  • Auger Bearings
  • Head shaft bearings
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