Providing the best trencher sprockets in Australia with the highest quality to withstand the harshest of Australia’s conditions.

We supply a wide range of trencher sprockets

Our team can provide virtually every sprocket for every trencher that’s ever been built. Our team of trencher experts can provide standard OEM replacement chains, and we also offer heavy-duty trencher chains.

The trencher sprocket will wear along with the chain and nose roller, If you’re replacing the chain there’s a good chance that the sprocket will need replacing as well.

Using a new chain with a worn sprocket can reduce the life of the new chain as the links will no longer match the pitch of the sprocket, so It’s very important to ensure your trencher chain has high-quality sprockets to go with it.

We ensure the brands we supply for trencher sprockets are tried and tested, our own team uses them daily. The trencher sprockets are built to withstand the harshest of Australian climates to get the job done.

While the chain is one of the single most important parts of the trencher system, so are the sprockets that go with it. It’s important you have a reliable sprocket that can help you with your trenching.


Some of the brands we supply for trencher sprockets include:

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