Providing the best trencher teeth in Australia with the highest quality to withstand the harshest of Australia’s conditions.

We supply a wide range of trencher teeth

Trenchers are increasing in popularity, and come in a variety of sizes and can be customized, depending on your business and jobsite needs.

But to get the most out of your trencher, you must first match your chain, teeth and sprocket system (CTS) to the ground conditions you’ll be working in. Working with the CTS setup helps keep you as productive as possible on the job. And when it comes to choosing teeth, soil conditions play a big role.

If you use the incorrect teeth for a certain soil or jobsite environment, your productivity and/or equipment performance could suffer unnecessarily.

Our team have expert knowledge in trencher teeth and can help you with your decision-making.


Some of the brands we supply for trencher teeth include:


What type of trencher teeth do we supply?

  • Cup tooth – This is a scoop-style tooth used in all soil conditions except rocky, unless used with a combination of shark and alligator teeth. It’s the standard utility tooth.
  • Shark tooth – This is a sharper tooth with carbide on the end that slices through tough soils. This is best suited for medium, hard and rocky soils and frozen/frosted ground.
  • Alligator tooth – This is a rotating tooth, striking a different edge throughout the entire digging process. This is best suited for hard and rocky conditions.


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